Massage + Wellbeing
Good vibes for all


“Roberta‘s touch is so unique. There’s an energy that exudes from her that makes you feel so held and supported“



Enter a deep state of recovery and give your body and mind the space to regenerate. Working with classic and deep tissue massage techniques suited specifically to your needs

(Multiple sessions can be booked at a discount rate)


“I look for practitioners who are sensitive to my needs and highly skilled. Roberta is attentive, compassionate and intuitive”



Ouro comes from the ancient Ouroboros, a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal. That life in continuous motion must move between stillness & action in order to thrive.

Ouro’s method combines traditional therapeutic touch with a modern whole body approach. We are committed, exacting & harmonised to your needs.

Releasing & restoring mind, body and soul into balance.