“10/10. The only place I go for massage in London”

— Lucy

Hi my name is Roberta, I've travelled the world working in the fashion industry as a makeup artist for the last 15 years, making people look good. During the pandemic I began to realise, what I really wanted was… to make people feel good.

I began to explore physical modalities that had the greatest therapeutic effects. It was then I discovered the power of massage.

I’ve noticed that truly feeling good means spending time listening to what your body really needs and an intuitive massage practitioner enables that connection to happen. After completing ITEC level 3 training as a Holistic Massage therapist and hundreds of hours working with bodies, injuries and techniques I began Ouro Wellbeing.

So, What exactly is a holistic massage?

It’s about the wholeness of you…not just your muscles (and their aches).
My treatment room is a place to connect back to yourself, to give your body and mind the space to regenerate.
I work slow, with your breath to lull you into a parasympathetic state. This is where the shift happens. Then depending on what you require I work with combining deep tissue massage and manipulation of the fascia to open up space in a contracted body. Aided by careful rhythmic touch to assist in deep relaxation.

My technique has been designed to restore, reinvigorate and revive body and mind.